Saturday, 9 July 2011


Hello again my dear readers!
It's been a while. I've been so awfully busy this week.
My biggest achievement must have been the big closet
clear out. Might not sound like a big deal to you but it
took me the entire day and it was a major pain in the
I now got more of a clue what I've got and I did a bit
of color coordination, before the clear out I couldn't find
anything and it totally stressed me out!
(I guess this is what happens when cute stuff only cost
between 10 pence and up to a few pounds.)
Well, there's still no room but there's less of a mess.
To be honest, I got dresses hanging here and there in
the house because they can't fit in the main closet but
I did clear what not longer suit my age and nowadays
a bit more sophisticated style.

The house is a tip at the moment because I've also been
busy crafting. I do however always keep the kitchen
tidy. My task of the evening is to tidy and clean while
my man is out gigging.
I'm gonna leave the back door open so I can listen to
the bands at the Sonisphere festival.
Last night I could hear Metallica loud and clear while I
was making hair flowers. :)

Hope you like my new header by the way. :)

OK, enough of the boring part of my life.
You might been wondering why last Sunday's finds never
got blogged about, (I honestly hope you got better things
to do) well, here they are, together with yesterday's and
today's finds.
And as usual, these are just a few of the many things I
got my hands on. Click on the images for a larger view...


Bag, 50 pence.
1970's. I will adorn this bag with some plastic fruit.

Glasses, 20 pence each.
1950's/1960's French glasses. Like I said last week, I need more
vintage bar ware as I need
a hole in the head but I just can't help
myself when it's so
cheap and oh so cute.

Buttons, 40 pence for the lot.
A girl can never have too many vintage buttons.

Brooch, £1.
1950's/1960's. Couldn't resist the pink thermoset.

Necklace, 50 pence.
1960's. It's missing a clasp but I do have tons of them so
it's a five second fix. This necklace will go perfect with the
we got in Sweden last summer.

Scarves, 40 pence for the lot.
1950's/1960's. I already got tons of these but not in these
colors and patterns, perfect for a bad hair day.


2 barkcloth panels, £4.
1960's, perfect condition.
Too short and too narrow to use as curtains but my plan is
to make tote bags and use my vintage bamboo handles, like
the barkcloth bag I revamped the other day


Totally kitchy lamp, 50 pence.
1950's/1960's. This lamp got everything I love, plastic flowers,
wicker and coziness! It looks like this when it's lit in the evening.

Clamper, 50 pence.
I guess this is very old. The lady I bought it from was really
old and she got it when she was young.
I always ask for a little story behind the items, if they've got
one, the old people love that I ask.
It's in very good condition and it's one of my top five favorite

Another view of the clamper. I love the details, so stunning.

Knitting patterns, £1 for the lot.
1950's/1960's. These are the ones I'll keep for myself.
It's my "carrot" for learning how to knit.

Holt Howard kitty string holder, 50 pence.
1950's. Not in the best condition but I still love it.
This is my second one, the first one were a birthday gift from
my mother in law last year.

Wicker lampshade, 30 pence.
Not vintage and not used as a lampshade, as you can see.
This was one of my brilliant ideas, yes, I do think this looks so good.

Bamboo shaving mirror, 50 pence.
1960's. I can't resist wicker and bamboo, I just can't.

Bag, £2.50.
Here in it's revamped glory. It looked like this when I got it.

Jacket, £2.
New and absolutely faaaaab!

Skirt, £1.
1970's. Very pinup. :))
This skirt goes perfect with this sweater and these shoes.
Or why not with a black top and these shoes?

Victoria's Secret bustier, £2.
1980's. I'm really looking forward to a burlesque event so
I can wear this with really high heels, tight wiggle skirt and
one of my handmade hats.




Vintage Coconut said...

-Love wicker the bag, it will look splendid with fruit.
-60s necklace with missing clasp is SO SWEET!
-That Clamper bracelet is gorgeous! It would surely be one of my fave items.
Everything you purchased is major awsome, It seems you have very good luck.

Andi B. Goode said...

That bracelet is too lovely! I'm always so jealous of your finds ;] Sometimes I think all the lovely affordable things here are just gone (but I must admit I'm not out looking as often).
-Andi x

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Haha vilken tjusing lampa!
Jag borde också städa i min garderob och mina skåp... tyvärr blir jag alltid distraherad av saker och ting jag hittar där så jag antar att det skulle kräva flera dagar att få ordning där. Har också en hel del som jag tycker känns lite för, tja, kanske just som du också sa, osofistikierat för min ålder :) Att lyckas lägga upp dem till nätet för försäljning är sedan en annan evighets-sak...

Atomic Mama said...

i wish i could shop where you do. always love your pretties.