Wednesday, 20 August 2008


We didn't finish the entire tattoo today, he had only booked me
up for two hours so I'm going back for more ink on Friday.
The tattooist thought I was hard as nails, a really good sitter.
I had a lot of practice over the years, my longest sitting was
8 hours.

I've been offered a job.
All I can say is that it's a webzine who is highly uncensored
and in your face, much like the magazine VICE.
My journalist skills are limited to a certain tattoo magazine,
the school paper and blogging for years here and there.
This zine insist and I don't think I can say no.
I only live once and I want to accomplish as much as possible
as long as it's creative.

Here's a spread about Kat Von D I wrote back in 2006,
I also translated an article about the Finnish tattooist,
Jarno Kantanen, in the same issue.

Click the images for a larger version.
Sorry, Swedish only.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3


Mrs Munster said...

Hard as a nail indeed. The longest I've been being tattooed was almost 2 hours and after an hour I was ready to go. Congratulations for the job offer! I would love to read the article but my Swedish is just rubbish. 6 years studying it and all I can remember is a word here and there. That's just appalling...

Betty Lou said...

grattis till jobbet! du skriver ju bra. jag har lite svårt för henne. men hennes tatuering på ryggen, den ovanför texten är galet snygg! nu vill jag ha något liknande.

väntar på spänning på bild på din nya ;D


Anonymous said...

8 timmar!!herregud kvinna hur klarade du det?? grattis till jobbet förresten!

Betty Lou said...

ah, tyckte det påminde lite om henne. carmen var härlig, synd att hon dog så tidigt.

ja jag såg det tack så mycket! har inte haft tid att fundera vilka jag själv vill nominera, jobbar min sista vecka och sen har jag lite mer tid över :D