Sunday, 24 August 2008


Yes, another car boot sale yesterday.
Found our second ice bucket in shape of a pineapple.
We payed 24 pence for our first one and our second
one we got yesterday we payed 50 pence for.
You're lucky if you can get one for £20 on eBay.

I got 3 pairs of gloves for 65 pence for each pair but
the two other pairs didn't turn out so very good on
picture as the beige ones.
All I can say is they they are 1950's evening gloves,
one pair is dark brown and the other pair is black.

Currency: £1 = 12 Kr, €1.20, $1.80.

Ice bucket, 50 pence.

Gloves, 65 pence.

Necklaces, 35 pence each.

Plate, 20 pence.

Flamenco doll, 20 pence.

I don't have to tell you that all my finds are from the
1950's - 1960's now do I?


Betty Lou said...

men gudars vad du fyndar! fina som vanligt ;D

Mrs Munster said...

That pineapple ice bucket is just too cute!

padam padam said...

jag måste flytta till england, vilka fynd du gör! Så fina grejer för några pence, det är ju helt otroligt.

Miss Wink said...

The gloves are to die for!

Kitten said...

Åh, handskarna är ju hur fina som helst! Kommer ihåg att min mormor hade sparat några från 50-talet, undrar om de finns kvar...

Fleur de Guerre said...

That ice bucket is amazing! How comes I never find anything fun like that! :D

Daffodils In March said...

Wow, what a good haul! I love car boot sales. You just get the best bargains there... And there is normally a cake stall somewhere, if you look hard enough.

ismoyo said...

Great finds!
I LOVE the flamenco doll. Brings back memories, as a little girl my parents took us to Spain on holiday most years and almost every time i got a flamenco doll! Oh how i wished i still had those now...

Jema Rose said...

Gjorde en Google-sökning efter bilder på Flamenco doll´s, då fick jag syn på din, SÅ söt..! Har själv haft en stor docka med grön klänning, som jag köpte i Andorra 1989, sedan hade jag en liten med ljusblå klänning, men tror du att jag har dem kvar...typiskt nog INTE...får leta på loppisar och second-handbutiker..!

KRAM, Jenny