Thursday, 14 August 2008


You know it's a good morning when you start with a
Crumpet with Maple syrup a cup of proper coffee and
a mighty fine find on ASOS shoe sale.

£12.75 including shipping.


Miriam Parkman said...

Woha, you will walk with a lot of confidence this autumn!
With such shoes on, (at least I think) you get an unstoppable feeling. And that's not bad.

Little Rascal said...

I got something similar on eBay back in 2006 but the strap on one of the shoes was faulty so I sent them back and asked for a refund but I never got new shoes or my money back.
They waited it all out so I couldn't claim through eBay!
I bought tons of shoes from them before so I was mighty surprised that they did what they did.

These heels are waaay more sexy and pretty though.

Mrs Munster said...

Sounds like a very good morning. Stunning shoes again. And now I feel I want to have a crumpet. Haven't had one for ages! Something to put to my shopping list for tomorrow.

Lady Thirty said...

låter som en bra morgon :)
nåt som är lustigt är att när jag hör ordet maple syrup så tänker jag alltid på Prince och hans låt Starfish & Coffee :)