Friday, 8 August 2008


Marc, Daisy and Alfred.

I want to be Marc Jacobs best friend, after his two sweet
Bull Terriers that is.
Just imagine how cool our friendship could be, we could
go for long walks with our Bull Terriers and I can be his
shoe muse and he can teach me how to knit (yes, the guy
can knit!) and on Friday evenings we can go to the
synagogue. (We're both Jewish.)
Marc, if you read this my number is: ***** - ******, let's
meet for coffee and a Bullie cuddle. *LOL*


Mrs Munster said...

Well, just the two doggies are a good reason to wanting to be friends with him! And he does design quite cute bags...

Bullie named Moses said...

I can't get enough of little buggers!

Maria said...

Really nice he love pets anyway you can check my Zoot Suits for your fashion style.