Wednesday, 20 August 2008


In about 2 hours I will become even more colorful!
I'm finally gonna finish my Phecock (my bird looks like a
cross between a Peacock and a Phoenix).

When I got my first tattoo at the age of 16 my dad went
crazy and said that it's only bums, prostitutes and sailors
who got tattoos. OK, so I guess I'm a sailor then! *smirk*

What my dad and many others like him doesn't realize is
that collectors of tattoos often see them as an art form.
Some hang their art on the wall, I chose to wear mine.
My maternal grandfather was a sailor and he had a huge
ship in one of his arms and a sunset on his wrist and ever
since I can remember I wanted to have tattoos like his.
And now I can't get enough...

Tattooed ladies isn't a new thing.
Just look at Artoria Gibbons, she was one of the most
popular tattooed ladies (there's several of them actually)
who had her entire body tattooed.
The artist of her tattoos was her husband, Red Gibbons.

Could the song "Lydia the Tattooed Lady" from the
Marx Brothers movie "At the Circus" been a tribute to


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, it really is an artform!
I'm getting my next one done in about two weeks, I'm so excited! Make sure to post a picture of the result ;)

Betty Lou said...

jag gillar artoria, skulle vilja se alla hennes tatueringar lite närmare.

jag ska boka tid för ny tatuering, får väl en i början av oktober. tänkte fortsätta på fågel-temat och göra svalor. har världens sötaste pärluggla sen tidigare.

posta bilder på din så fort du kan!

Mrs Munster said...

Tattoos...I love them. Took my fist one at 22 and within 2 years I had 5 tattoos. So addictive. I really need to crack on with my leg, plan is to have most of my calf tattooed and I've only got 1 tattoo there. Please put some photos of your tattoo when it's done!

Lady Thirty said...

åh, det är så snyggt med tatueringar!
ska bli kul att se dina sen :)

jag mötte en tjej för några veckor sen som hade bland de finaste tatueringar jag sett, bland annat hade hon en på bröstet föreställandes två fåglar som höll i en banderoll som det stod lillasyster i.
very nice!


Miss Wink said...

Honey, you know what we want...
Pictures! Pictures!

Atomic Mama said...

I love love love old pictures of women with tattoos! its so lovely.