Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Well, it's more a brag to be honest. *smirk*
Went out to post some packages this morning and
ended up with some finds.
I found a pair of 1940's style wedges and a pair of
pinupish shape-panties today.



I almost forgot...
We went to a car boot sale yesterday since it was a
bank holiday here in England.
I found some stuff but I can't be bothered to post
pictures, this one is an exception.
I've wanted a lip-phone since the 1980's but my dear
parents gave me a Garfield phone instead...
Yesterday I found one and I got so nostalgic, my man
got it for me for £1.
I looked in Miller's Collectors Guide when we came
home and the collectors value is an estimated £50.
Not bad.

It's now a beloved item on my nightstand.


Betty Lou said...

jag älskar skorna, varifrån?

Mrs Munster said...

You really are a gal in the right place, right time and finding stuff for right price. That lip phone is adorable.

a cat of impossible colour said...

That lip phone is possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen :)

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Fabulous phone! I'd always wanted a red 1950's rotary dial and finally found one that now also sits in pride of place on my bedside table. Doesn't it make you feel like you should be sitting around in a frilly nightgown talking to your girlfriends?

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

Goddamit!!! I'mmoving to Ethe UK and I'll start stalking you around to all those great car boot sales! You seem to be living in thrift-heaven, great finds as usual :)

AlicePleasance said...

The phone is WONDERFUL!!!