Thursday, 7 August 2008


Today I got my thumb out and booked an appointment
to finally finish one of my tattoos that I started back in
early 2006.
It's a pretty bird who looks like a mix between a Phoenix
and a Peacock.
There used to be two pinups but they are covered with a
huge plume.
I'm happy to have it done before we go to Spain 3 weeks
later, perfect healing time as well.

The day has been great.
We went to a small town not far from where we live and
we ended up going to a charity shop to give away stuff.
I found two vintage dresses that was on sale, one of them
is a blue evening gown that Marilyn Monroe would have
loved, that one I'm gonna keep for myself and it only cost
me £1!!!
I also found a very nice and pretty rare 1950's handbag in
perfect condition and in a brown metallic outfit.
It cost £10 but I managed to haggle it down to £8.50,
I told the manager that I given the store a whole bag of
stuff and that I also bought two dresses and asked if she
could lower the price for me. *smirk*
My man ended up giving it to me as a present.

Song of the evening:
Colbert Hamilton & The Hellrazors - "Rock Therapy"


Betty Lou said...

du fyndar jämt, vad var det du skrev en gång, att du inte hittar prylar & kläder från 50-talet i england? du hittar ju jämt!

vill se klänningarna ;D

jag funderar på min nästa tatuering, har en pärluggla nu men jag vill ha nåt som passar brevid. klurigt

Mrs Munster said...

That is a one fabulous bag. I love shopping in charity shops. They usually have the best stuff. I also need to book a appointment with my tattooist. I've got swallows, that I took few years ago and I haven't had them coloured in yet. That's just lazy...Post some photos of your tattoo when it's finished.

the freelancer's fashionblog said...

I love peacocks! And Phoenix birds! I'm still thinkig of weather to put a peacock on my back or contine the cherrybranch from my shoulder there or then combine them somehow. Anyway, I'd love to see pics of the tattoo when it's done!

Little Rascal said...

Betty Lou: Yeah, I know but it's very rare that I actually find something in charity shops, car boot sales is another thing.

I will put one of them up for sale very soon and I'm gonna try and doll up and ask my man to take a photo of me in that £1 dress I bragged about. :)

Roses or flowers in general goes with anything.

Mrs Munster: Thank you darling.
I rarley find stuff in charity shops but I do find stuff all the time at car boot sales.

I will post before and after pictures when it's done. :)

The Freelancer's Fashionblog: I wanted a cute looking peacock but the tattooist didn't really listen to me and draw a "Pheacock" with a "don't mess with me'-look, but I turned out to be happy with the result anyway.

I do think you should get a Peackock, it's so femenine and pretty, just like you.

I will post a picture. Promise. :)