Sunday, 17 April 2011


Vintage Coconut!

Congrats! I will contact you to get your details.
I've had a fantastic weekend so I was too tired to
do the name in the hat thing, the random number
generator work just as well and Vintage Coconut
were comment number seven.

Not everyone can be a winner but you all been
such good sports and a big hug and a thanks for
participating, I had fun reading your suggestions
and questions.

And here's the questions/suggestions...

HillbillyDJ said...
I wonder, are you always listening to music, or do you
have to have silence while you're creating?

Dear HillbillyDJ,
I'm gonna be honest, and I'm a bit ashamed to say this,

I actually prefer to have some crappy TV program on,

like The Real Housewives of ..., in the background if I

create hats and I like to do that in the bed. Comfy. :)

If I sew in my hobby room I play The Andrew Sisters
or The Skatalites, for some reason these artist works

best for me at that point.

Atomic Mama said...

Whats your most favorite outfit in your closet?

Dear Atomic Mama,
I'm not sure if I got a favorite outfit really.
I got a lot
of nice clothes so it's hard to choose one, I
guess it all
depends on my mood.
I knooow, boring answer. :))

Zizzi said...

I would like you to blog about your studio when it's
ready. I also want to ask where you store all your
pretty clothes, shoes and bags.

Dear Zizzi,
I will, it's nothing special about it really, it's a place
where we work on restoring 1950's/1960's furniture

and such.
We want to turn it into a recording studio
but that's
just on the dream stage at this point.
My storage situation is a nightmare, I got too much

stuff so I require 1 wardrobe and two step in closets.

We're actually looking into having the loft converted

into a storage space so I can store stuff other than my
clothes, shoes and bags, that will help out a lot.

Perdita said...
My question is: what are your favourite place to shop
stylishly on a budget...
And where do you go to blow the budget!?

Dear Perdita,
I'm actually never on a budget, I'm just very sensible

and I just like the challenge of getting stuff dirt cheap. :))

Honestly, I do like car boot sales where you can get an
entire outfit (including bag and shoes) for under £5.

I've stopped buying stuff from proper shops and I'm
proud to say I haven't bought a single brand new item

so far this year.
I think Etsy and eBay are great places
to blow a budget,
a lot of sellers are taking the piss.

Scary Mary said...
What about doing a favourite places in London post?

Dear Scary Mary,
That's a great idea, it will require some time since I'm

not in London on a daily basis so please be patience.

La Dama said...
I would love for you to do outfits post huni.

Dear La Dama,
I just need to tan and tone for a few more weeks but
it's a definite. :)

Vintage Coconut said...
My question is: What is one of your favorite songs?

Dear Vintage Coconut, I got TONS of favorite songs
but if I have to choose
one on the spot I would say
Ben Hewitt - I want a new
girl now.
It got a lot of energy and it's one of my favorite
to jive to.

art deco dame said...
As far as blog post, I do enjoy you blog so I'd like to
see MORE posts if possible!

Dear art deco dame,
More posts! Wow! OK, I'll do my best. :D

Miss Dollie DeVille said...
I want to know, what is your favorite thing you have
ever made?

Dear Miss Dollie DeVille,
I think I've made a whole bunch of cool stuff over the

years, but my favorite must be the red gingham doggie

panties I made for my old Bull Terrier for when she had

her period, she looked SO cute in them.

Bitty Boss said...
My blog suggestion: Show us how you do your lovely
hair styles.

Dear Bitty Boss,
YES! I got my man to agree to take photos. :))
I'm so lazy
so I came up with two hair styles that takes
me less than
5 minutes to do.

Amanda Awesome said...

What is your favorite holiday and why?

Dear Amanda Awesome,
I'm not sure if you mean holiday as religious holiday or
vacation so I answer both. :P

My favorite religious holiday is Rosh Hashanah, which
the Jewish new year.
Not that I am very religious but
it feels good to know that
I can start all over twice a year
since I celebrate both new

My favorite place to go on holiday/vacation is Sweden.

Might sound lame since that's where I grew up but to
honest, there's nothing as beautiful as a Swedish
And we get spoilt rotten by my aunt and she's
an amazing
cook so that's really the icing on the cake. :))

Linnea said...
What are your plans for the studio? Are you going to do
your crafts there?
Would like to see photos of the cabin when it's done and
also follow your work in there...

Dear Linnea,
I got a hobby room for my craft so the cabin/studio is

where I revamp and restore 1950's/1960's furniture
I'm about to get my hands dirty with a table and I
do a step by step post about that.

Boo Boo Kitty said...
Rascal! Heels or flats?

Dear Boo Boo Kitty,
I'm gonna be boring and say both. :))
As much as I love my
high heels my feet do require flats
in between. I do however
prefer to jive in flats.

Ruby said...
I'd like to see you do a post on a or the most classic vintage
look, in your opinion, and why?
What's your personal favourite things that make this up?
What colours does it involved, what era in particular is it
inspired by?
Cherries vs. roses vs. pearls etc. as an adornments. Bag or
hat choice.
Which accessories etc etc. I always find when constructing
an outfit i think about those things, and would love to hear
your opinion on a look!

Dear Ruby,
Wow! You're really specific, I like that. Sounds like I got a
challenge on my hands and I'm up for it. :)

Breakfast at Sofia's said...
Hi! I really really want to see you and your man in matching
outfits! :D

Dear Breakfast at Sofia's,
No problem, just give me a couple of weeks to get a tan going

on. :D


La Dama said...

congrats to the winner.
You do not need to tan, love your skin the way it is amor.

Vintage Coconut said...

Now I can play dress up in that lovely hat you made!!
I will send you my info right away.

Those doggie panties in the pic are SO CUTE! Too bad my Male Boxer would not wear them. *LOL* Or maybe he would and just stick his nose up to all the weird looks he would get.

vintage_kitten said...

Congrats vintage coconut.What a cute prize.xx

Zizzi said...

Härligt att läsa dina svar! Congrats to vintage coconut! Kram cissi