Thursday, 21 April 2011


We really hit the motherload of finds last weekend.
We got a whole lot more than this but these items
are my favorite purchases...

Click the images for larger view.


Angora lurex top, 50 pence.
Can't get more pinup than this. :))

Lurex shrug, 60 pence.
This looks fab on! Really classy.

Wicker lamp shade, 30 pence.
Yep, more wicker. Perfect for our kitschy lounge.

Vintage shorts, 50 pence.
These still had the old tag left.
I'm gonna shorten these slightly, I look like Carmella
Soprano otherwise. :))

1950's vase, 50 pence.
Love these colors, goes perfectly with the walls in my hobby
room as you can see.


1950's ballerina bottle, £1.
Second "dancing bottle" we now got.
Here's the other one.

Corset top, 30 pence.
Perfect basic summer wear.

1950's fabric, £4 for the lot.
There's one more panel of the fabric on the left.
I can't decide what to to with these amazing fabrics, one
minute I'm thinking dress, the other I think playsuit.

Top, 50 pence.

Heels, £1.
These are SO me! Love them.

Lurex top, 50 pence.

Vintage snack plate, 50 pence.
Wicker style. :) We now use this one as a Seder plate.
Perfect timing.

Plate in action.

1950's tin, 50 pence.


Dolly Cool Clare said...

Humpf! I want to go to your boot have waaaayyyy better stuff than we do up here!! ;)

Perdita said...

I must be missing a trick- I'm in North West London and haven't had any boot sales this good either!

Ivy Black said...

You're boot sales are fantastic. I never find anything as good as any of your motherload and if I did, they wouldn't be for pence!

Kitten loves vintage said...

How do you do it?! Seriously...Love the shoes and I can picture you wearing and looking fabulous in all the other stuff too (but will we ever get proof? outfit posts please! :))

Oh, and happy easter!

vintage_kitten said...

OMG.I'm coming to raid your is so cute.Love that table set.very nice.I wouldnt want anyone to sit in that tin marie antoinette style.You find the coolest things.

La Dama said...

Indeed truly motherload scores.
I adore those bottled dolls,the shoes look so cha cha girl inspired.
you rock at the boot sales amor.