Monday, 25 April 2011


Hi and hello!
How's your Easter weekend been?
I've been bargain hunting as usual.
It's been really warm and sunny so we'd been relaxing
in the garden, soaking in the sun as much as possible.

Today we had another BBQ, since it's Passover I don't
eat bread with yeast so no burger or hot dog buns but
it was still very nice.
I need to cut down on carbs anyway. :P

It was a little bit too breezy for me today so I decided
to craft my day away in bed and watching housewife
drama. I'll show you tomorrow what I made.

So here's some of my finds from yesterday and today.
Click on the images for larger view.

1960's candle holders, £2 for the lot.
I absolutely love 50's/60's plastic flowers and these are pure perfection.
Some has the original tag left.
I wish there was another yellow rose...

1950's Stratton compact, £1.50.
LOVE this! Gift from my man.

Vintage red glittery earrings, £1.
Will go perfect with my red glitter bangle I got a while back.

Vintage hula girl, £1.
I was thrilled to find her!
I've been wanting one of these and had a few on my favorite list on
Etsy but I don't feel like
paying $18 in shipping.
This girl needed a quick makeover so she got her hair combed and
a new elastic
for her pretty yellow garland.

1950's kids rattle, 50 pence.
For the future rascal's.
I had one like this when I was little.

Lurex top, 50 pence.
More glam fall/winter wear.

1960's nylon top, £1.
Looks like it's never been used and it has got buttons in the back.

Handmade 1950's pants, 50 pence.
Love the pattern on these. They needed a new elastic waist band but
that was no drama, all done
within minutes.

Vintage Hawaiian shirt, 50 pence.
Quite kitsch and my picky man liked it.

1950's thermos, 20 pence.
This one got two mugs, one is smaller and fits under the big one you
see in the picture, now how
convenient is that. :)
Perfect for road trips.

Makeup bag set, 50 pence.
This is quite funny, and a bit embarrassing to admit, I wanted this set
for about two years
but I've been too cheap to pay the full price of
£6.99 at Superdrug, which isn't very expensive to begin with.
Seems like patience paid off in the
end. :))

1950's Italian flower pot, 50 pence.
And since Italian I let Mr. Basil live and thrive in it.


Vintage Coconut said...

Lovely lovely finds!
The flower candle holders are pretty, the compact is so sweet. I am likin the glitter earrings.
I got a Hula girl on the weekend too! BUT not that type, mine looks more like a hula barbie. lol I will show in a future post.
I have sort of the same makeup bags in leopard. Mine came as a set of two rectangle bags.

Helga! said...

The thermos,the candle holders and that beautiful compact are rockin'! Great scoring! :)

Little Rascal said...
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Little Rascal said...

Vintage Coconut: Thanks hun! :)
I always looking forward to your next bargain post.
Hope the package arrives this week.

Helga: Thanks doll! :)

La Dama said...

Gorgeous finds!
I adore those candle holders very kitsch.
that is such a pretty compact,lately have come across some beat up compacts the boot sales.
ponts to your hombre for the compact.
Now, I want glitter earrings.
hula baby is adorable,I seen the crying one on Ebay.
I am a cheap ass too,I have a leopard set of bags too,found them at Ross in California for $2.

wickedcherrie said...

I just love your blog!