Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Oy vey! I'm way behind on blog posts.
I've had some really awesome and very busy days
due to friends and mother in law staying over and
last night was Seder night with a lot of preparation
and cooking.
I'm gonna do my best and try and catch up. :)

To my Jewish readers, Chag Pesach Sameach!

Let's start with some recent snail mail...

Slutty gold mules, £5.50, eBay UK.
These look awesome with my 1950's gold lame swimsuit.

Jayne Mansfield style wig, £9.99, eBay UK.
I've been looking for a nice 1950's style wig for a while
but they are all so cheesy, this one looks very stylish on
and Dolly is happy with it as well. :)

Remember this ugly ass jacket I bought last week?
I've now revamped it into a bolero. I'm pretty darn
pleased with the result if I'm allowed to say so.



And I made myself a very cherry fascinator hat the
other day.

What do you think?


Perdita said...

Oh I love the jacket, superb!

I like that wig too- looking for a vintage blonde (and black) wig in a vintage style- what seller was it? A bargain for sure, looks fab.

milliner me said...

Amazing what you did with that jacket! And that wig is just badass, great find!

Glamgal5 said...


Ivy Black said...

I just love that jacket!How well does that work, and you've done a brilliant job. I'm so impressed.
I could do with a wig like that...x

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I like that your head is called Dolly! Mine is called Patty :))

Helga! said...

I freakin LOVE those slutty shoes!AND what you did with that jacekt!Inspirational!!

La Dama said...

Wow,i love the jacket, did you watcht eastenders tanya was wearing one made of roses very similar to your one.
Stripper heels and wig with bathing suit cant wait to see u rockin the hell out this glam outfit.

Vintage Coconut said...

You did a amazing job on the re-vamp! WOW I bet it will look great on you.
The gold mules could stop traffic!
And the VERY CHERRY had is so darn sweet!

Kitten loves vintage said...

Drooling over those shoes! Gah. And the bolero seriously came out really well, great job!

vintage_kitten said...

Love those shoes.OMG.just drooled all over myself.lol.That jacket/bolero looks great.You rock.xx