Thursday, 21 April 2011


Earlier today we went to pick up a vintage bamboo table
and two chairs we totally missed the bidding on the other
day because we drove mother in law home.
My man sent the seller a message asking if it was still for
sale and if we could buy it, she called back last night and
we picked it up this afternoon.

Vintage bamboo table and chairs, £10.
Perfect for when we want to have dinner in the garden.

While we were out we scouted the local charity shops, of
course. Here's what we got...

Click the images for larger view.

1960's curtains, £6.
These are HUGE! A lot of fabric for the money.
The fabric reminds me of banana and I would love to sew a shirt
for my man and a sarong dress for myself.

Unfortunately I don't have a sewing pattern for a nice looking
sarong dress so the project is on hold.

The curtains actually cost £9 to begin with but my man asked if
we could have them for a better price. :))

New bikini, £2.45.
It still had the tags and crouch protection on. :))
I love the color and the coconut detail on both top and briefs.

Bangle, 60 pence.
I don't really like blue but this was a very nice blue and it will
look good with a bunch of bamboo bangles.


LadyAngore said...

Vilka fynd du gör!! Alltid kul att se vad du hittat för fint. Ha en fin påskhelg. Hoppas ni har lika fint väder hos er som i Sverige. :)

Little Rascal said...

Hej sotnos! Kul att se dig igen! :)
Tackar. Jag gor mitt basta.
Idag hade vi 29 grader varmt, har varit sa sedan slutet av mars.
Glad pask.

La Dama said...

that tike table set is gorgeous.
bond girl bikini, how hot amor.
I have been to Charity shops this week and found nothing.