Saturday, 23 April 2011


Another sunny and warm day, 29 degrees Celsius.
For once I had a very lazy day...
I got up early, made proper coffee and had a hearty carby
breakfast, which is a must if you want the energy to scout
for bargains at car boot sales.
Got lots of freckles but not that many finds.
When we got home we popped a Magners pear cider and
took the sun loungers out and I've been laying there until
now. :)

Hearty breakfast.
Matzo Brei with cinnamon, maple syrup, banana, mango and home
squeezed OJ.

1972 Fisher Price Happy Apple, 30 pence.
Isn't he cute?! We collect toys from 50's-70's for our future little ones.

Leather belt, 50 pence.
This will go perfect with a red gingham skirt.
The brand is Miss Sixty if any of you wanna try and find one for yourselves.

Egg shaped wooden bangles, 10 pence each.
The Danish Modern nerd in me couldn't resist these. :))

Carved bangle, 50 pence.
Found yet another one of these carved bangles.
Pink isn't really my color but for 50 pence I couldn't say no.

Lurex top, 75 pence.
Trying to find some "glamorous" stuff to wear during fall and winter,
I feel so mousy during those months but this will definitely make my
outfits a bit less dull.

Perfect with a black pencil skirt.

Time to get dolled up, my man is gigging tonight and for once
I don't wanna stay home watching rich housewives.
Hopefully I will meet La Dama.


rosie-alia said...

That happy apple is amazing! And I can just imagine how well that wonderful belt will go with your outfits!
Your brakfast looks delicious, particularly on that lovely plate! xx

Atomic Mama said...

love the bangles

La Dama said...

That leather belt reminds of my old Mexican belts.
love the bangles and cant beat a happy face fruit.
cinnamon Matzo Brei looks lovely,I hate when its too hot and my freckels come out too.
so sorry, I havent been well, usually in the summer my headaches begin to act up even more.Dont know how I am going to handle the heat in Cali.

Vintage Coconut said...

I had the happy apple as a child. My parents proobably got it passed down from someone else in the family. I am on the lookout for one for my future munchkins too! I also purchase toys for the future and if I see REALLY cute baby clothes at thrifts.. I buy those too! lol