Wednesday, 6 April 2011


Sorry if this post feels a bit random today, my mind
is a little messed up, I've been out in the sun all day
so that might be why. :))

Anyway, we're having a new studio built in our back
yard so everything is a complete mess right now and
I can't stand mess so just after the snail mail arrived
and the two chocolate banana cakes came out of the
oven me and my man escaped to Mill Hill to hang out
with our dear friend Jeff.
He lives with his old parents who he takes care of and
their home is like a museum, time stopped in the 60's
more or less.
Their little back garden is so cozy, everything is perfect,
flowers, trees, old pots with multicolored tulips and not
a single grass straw is longer than the other.
We sat in the sun for hours, just talking a lot of bull and
planning future projects.
After all this old people cuteness I started to think about
my maternal grandma, Greta, who I miss daily since she
left this earth back in 1996.
I realized that I becoming more and more like her and
I love it. I can't find a better role model even if I tried.

These 1950's sunglasses arrived today. £7.50 from eBay UK.

Is that Latkes? :D
The sweetest person I have ever known, my grandma Greta, 1974.

I love you and miss you dearly.
Aleha HaShalom.

I buy the same kind of flower pots she used to have...

...and I've got green fingers just like her.

I even make my creamed macaroni exactly like she used to make
Creamy, peppery and sweet.
(The meatballs are meat free.)


vintage_kitten said...

Love those glasses.Your gran had such a sweet smile.You can tell she was a nice person.That pasta and meatballs looks yummy.xx

Linnea said...

oh stuvade makaroner...älskar!

har ni sol....orättvist:) ser dock lite sol här hörde att det var riktigt vår/sommarväder i London igår...

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Your Grandma looked like a lovely lady. I miss my grandma too, she died when I was 13 in 1991. She used to make amazing cakes :))

Scary Mary said...

And I miss my grandma' too.. Both of them:)

Vintage Coconut said...

Really lovely sunnies!
Your Grandma looked so sweet and nice.
And the food you made looks delish.

La Dama said...

I never got to know my maternal grandma,she named me. I know she is always around.thats why I was close to Buddy's nan.
those sunglasses are so pretty,I never find glittery ones like those.
I bet your gran was the sweetest,mmm meatballs never tried it in that combination,sounds good.