Sunday, 10 April 2011


Phew! What a week!
I been busy with the build of our studio, who is a
mid century style prefab cabin. It looks good and
everything is sorted, clean and almost put back in
place. And we were lucky, no rain whatsoever.

Today I get to rest.
We went to a car boot sale this morning and I got
a few nice bits. I will blog about this next week.

Today is giveaway time!
I offer a fascinator hat made by myself, a yellow
vintage pair of plastic clip-on earrings and three
1970's Ketty Dalsgaard bangles.
They've come in three different shades of red.

All you need to do is to ask me a question, come
up with a suggestion for a future blog post or tell
me what past blog post is your favorite and why.
It's a plus if you got a blog of your own.

The giveaway ends Sunday April 17, 5PM CET
and I will answer all questions in the announcing



HillbillyDJ said...

Rascal, my beautiful creative friend. I am envious of your seemingly endless artistic ability. I wonder, are you always listening to music, or do you have to have silence while you're creating?

Atomic Mama said...

So cute! Im in.
So a question.. Whats your most favorite outfit in your closet?

Zizzi said...

Från ungefär 2 månader sedan har jag inte kunnat kommentera hos dig när jag läser ditt inlägg via bloglovin', det är nåt fel hos mig. Men nu upptäckte jag att jag kan kommentera om jag går via min egen blogg (lycka!) Jag skulle vilja att du bloggar om er studio när den är helt klar. Sen undrar jag var och hur du förvarar alla dina fina kläder, väskor och skor? Kram cissi

Perdita said...

Fantastic idea for a giveaway!

My question is: what are your favourite place to shop stylishly on a budget... and where do you go to blow the budget!?

Scary Mary said...

Oh wonderful!! Lovely giveaway:) What about doing a favourite places in London post?

La Dama said...

Amor,what a giveaway and wonderful idea.
I been wanting to buy one your cherry hats,cant till I leave on holiday.
I would love for you to do outfits post huni.

Vintage Coconut said...

Lovely giveaway! The hat is so sweet!
My question is: What is one of your favorite songs?

art deco dame said...

Oh I love this count me in!As far as blog post,I do enjoy you blog so I'd like to see MORE posts if possible!

Miss Dollie DeVille said...

Count me in! I love this giveaway. I want to know, what is your favorite thing you have ever made?



Bitty Boss said...

Hey Miss Rascal!

I love that fascinator hat. It's a little cherry delight!

My blog suggestion: Show us how you do your lovely hair styles.;-)

Amanda Awesome said...


What is your favorite holiday and why?

Linnea said...

What are your plans for the studio? are you going to do your crafts there? would like to see photos of the cabin when it's done! and also follow your work in there...

sedan älskar jag att läsa om alla dina fína fynd...du hittar ju så mycket fint!

Boo Boo Kitty said...


Heels or flats?

Ruby said...

Rascal, I love your blog. I'd like to see you do a post on 'a' or 'the' most classic vintage look, in your opinion, and why? What's your personal favourite things that make this up?
What colours does it involved, what era in particular is it inspired by? Cherries vs. roses vs. pearls etc. as an adornments. Bag or hat choice. Which accessories etc etc. I always find when constructing an outfit i think about those things, and would love to hear your opinion on a look!

Breakfast at Sofia's said...

Hi! I really really want to see you and your man in matching outfits! :D