Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Me and my man are total nerds, we like to match our
outfits and we're both very keen on color coordinating.
And we love Hawaiian and pineapple print.

This is only our third perfect match outfit.
You've got to be pretty lucky to find matching items
nowadays, you can if you got the time and patience.
There's a saying: "All things come to he who waits".

This outfit was all planned, or so I thought.
I was gonna surprise my man so I won this shirt on
eBay a couple of weeks ago and at the same time I
had my eyes on a dress with the same print on Etsy,
sadly it was sold, I was only one day late.
I kicked myself and I felt like everything was ruined,
the dress had been for sale for months and relisted!
I did however find something even better just a few
days later that was more me and more suitable for
my body, this halterneck dress.
The seller was very friendly and helpful too and that
really made my day.

1960s dress, $30 from Etsy seller beulahveda.
1960s shirt, £5.50 from eBay UK.

I promise there will be an outfit post as soon as we
get a somewhat nice tan. :D


The Vintage Housewife... said...

oh how awesome!!! Me and my Daddy-0 are very very matchy...especially at Viva and get lots of compliments! that is just so cute...cant wait to see a picture of you two rocken it!!!

Annalisa Babysan Laterza said...

I love '40 and '50 too!!!
I like your blog...I'm new follower!

Baci from Babysan ^^

vintage_kitten said...

How coo is that to find anoher dress in the same print.you find the cutest thing.I think it's adorable when couples match.xx

Linnea said...

va roligt med matchande outfits...att du hittade dem båda...kan inte vara lätt...och sedan ska det ju passa...ni blir nog jättefina:)

Scary Mary said...

That is so sweet:) Bet you make a lovely couple in your matching outfits!!

La Dama said...

That is so cute when couples match outfits,cant wait to see a picture post.