Thursday, 7 April 2011


What a wonderful couple of days we'd had!
The sun is shining, it's summer warmth and the new
studio is almost finished.
I got a lot to clean before we can move the stuff back
in, almost everything we stored in the old studio has
mold on it so I need to wipe everything off with anti-
bacterial solution.

I do need a proper cup of coffee and a slice of banana
chocolate cake before I start. ;)

Got some friggin' awesome snail mail today!

Glittery 1950's sunglasses, £13.30, eBay UK.

1960's matching top and sarong skirt set, $16, Etsy.


Boo Boo Kitty said...

love the print on the 60s number!

i am feeling all summery too! I am looking for some fabric to make a Shaheen wrap dress with for the summer.


Samantha said...

the outfit for summer?:)
I like that.. but where is some handbag?

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La Dama said...

That print is just fabulous amor.
I saw some Hawaiian petal pushers today,too bad they were too small for me,I thought of you ,but dont know your size.

Little Rascal said...

Boo Boo Kitty: Thank you sweetie.
Ohh, I'm looking forward to see the result. :)

Samantha: Thank you hun. This was just what I got in the mail that day, I will do a post where there's a full outfit with accessories after I shorten the skirt, it's way too long at the mo.

La Dama: Thank you darling.
Hawaiian p-p, how fab! I'm a size 8-10 at the top and a 10 at the bottom. :)

vintage_kitten said...

That hawaiian print number is so cute.would be cute as shorts or knee legnth skirt,I am in love with those sunglasses.xx