Thursday, 14 April 2011


I really kicked ass in the gym today, I was all alone and
felt very focused.
On my way home I stopped by the haberdasher and my
favorite charity shop.
This is what I got...

1960's Teak tray, 50 pence.
You must think this is boring but...

this makes all the difference! Danish teak.
I love Danish Modern.

Sunglasses, £1.
Timeless classics. Now me and my man match.

Ugly ass jacket, £2.
Yeah, what the heck?! Calm down, I'm not going to use this as
it is or as a tacky
nurse uniform. This is a revamp project.
I've been looking all over for a similar bolero as the one Dita is
wearing in
the Cointreau ad. But since I'm only 158 cm short
those sleeves would make
me look square and even shorter so
I given up on even go there.

This future bolero will suit my body shape much better but still
be rather classy.

I'm not going there...

When I got home I found these big beautiful persimmon
colored roses standing on the kitchen table.
They were from my man, as a thanks for helping him out
with the studio.


Perdita said...

I'd probably re-con that jacket into some kind of belted dress. Love those glasses! Amazing find!

Little Rascal said...

Thanks honey.
It's a very good idea but I really need a white bolero. :))

Malayka said...

Awww how sweet. By the way isn't the gym fantastic! I was the ultimate 'anti- exercise' person all my life but now that I have been working out for 3 months I could hardly imagine my life before hand!

La Dama said...

Gorgeous tea tray, i am kicking myself for leaveing a vintage wooden tea tray at the boot sale.
I never find cool shades like you amor,that jacket will look awesome as a dita bolero.
Cant wait to see what u create.

La Dama said...

Your man is a sweetie, love it when mi buddy surprises me with flowers.

Kitten loves vintage said...

Oh, I have a similar tray...but a little narrower and I can't remember there being any text on the back though. Looking forward to seeing what you make of that white jacket!