Tuesday, 26 April 2011


What a busy day!
Meetings, post office, gym and a whole lot of crafting.
I got my hair flower making going on again.

Between post office and gym I went into my favorite
charity shop for a scout and there was a sale going on.
Sale in a charity shop, that's about as good at it could
get for a cheapskate (or should I say Frugalista?) like
me. And of course I didn't walk out empty handed...

Swimsuit new with tags, £3.
I can't wait to get in shape now! :))
I don't know if I was happy because of the low price or the fact that
it's a UK size 8 and a perfect fit. :P

Lurex top, 50 pence.
More lurex. I've got tons of lurex items that I got back in the day but
I kind of forgot
about them until recently.

It's nice to sparkle again.

Vintage dress, £1.
This darling will be my favorite house dress this summer.
It got two pockets in the front and I love the ribbon.
Sorry for the lousy picture but this is the best I can do, alone, with
my uber crappy camera.

As I promised yesterday, here's a small selection
of what I've been working on lately...
Click the images for larger view.

Revamped bag.
I just added a flower but it instantly became much more summery.

Green glittery Lily hair flowers.
Love these! They look for fabulous on it's amazing!
I need to doll up and show off. :))

Orchid hair flowers with skulls.
Very psychobilly/goth.
Not my style anymore but I hope someone
would like them enough
to buy them. ;)

The red cherry collection.
Comes in different styles, with or without cherries.

The white cherry collection.
Comes in different styles, with or without cherries.

The yellow cherry collection.
Comes in different styles, with or without cherries.

And I saved the best for last...

1940's style cherry necklace.
I've had a 1940s celluloid chain necklace with cherries on my wish
list for many years but I don't want to spend like
$100-$450 so I
made one myself!

I actually love the way it turned out.
I'm also working on a red one with bright red cherries.

I've been thinking...
As a Swede I grew up under the Jante Law and I
never gave myself any credit for anything.
It's 2011 and a lot of Scandinavians still submit to
that way of thinking.
Total downer.
It's not until now, after living in the UK for over 4
years and also as I'm getting older that I actually do
think that my creations turns out well and that I can
say so without the need to excuse myself.
The Jante Law is unhealthy, I think we all should be
proud over our skills and achievements and inspire
others to feel the same way about themselves.


Glamgal5 said...

Will you be keeping that adorable necklace for yourself ??? I love it!!!! All of your stuff is to die for! I honestly thought you spent the big bucks for the bakelite original!

La Dama said...

a Charity shop having a sale,thats an awesome miracle.
I been to a charity shop in Watford that had a little rack of clothes on sale.I was so excited. :)
bathin suit is so you Hawaiian girl.
love all your master mind creations.
I want the cherries and necklace.

Heather said...

oh my gosh!!! I love the sparkly flowers and the flowers with cherries, and well...I love them all!! Willyou be selling these on etsy soon?

Ivy Black said...

Fantastic makes! I love the glittery flowers and the skull flowers. I'd wear them.xx

art deco dame said...

the necklace is divine!

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOOoO The swimsuit is nice!
And I love love love all the stuff you made!! Those glittery green flowers would surely be my favorite. They would make any vintage girl sure to stand out!

The necklace is AWSSSSSSSSSSSOME!!

Breakfast at Sofia's said...

Hallå där, kommer de där gobitarna ut på Etsy snart?