Thursday, 14 April 2011


Here's a selection of my finds from last weekend...
Click on the images for a better and larger view.

Vintage net bag, 50 pence.

Vintage lamp shade, 75 pence.
I didn't have a lamp so I did the next best thing, I hang it on the
curtain rail. I used
natural string.

Vintage top, 25 pence.
1980's does 1950's, perfect to revamp.

Vintage skirt, 25 pence.
1980's does 1950's, perfect for casual summer wear.

Shorts, 50 pence.
These shorts are Topshop and I love the sailor buttoning.

Vintage vase, 75 pence.
As soon as I saw it I knew I was gonna put it on my beside table
to keep my pale pink Orchids in.

I'm trying to make the bedroom even more feminine and sexy.

Vintage vanity case, £1.50
1960's, in a very nice condition and still with key.



Ivy Black said...

Lovely and bargainacious! I do like red and white gingham, and the vanity case is great.

Perdita said...

Love all those gingham items!

Vintage Coconut said...

Such cute stuff! I have a green vintage net bag. I like the lampshade/parrot! And the clothing items are so sweet.
The vase is gorgeous!
1.50 for the vanity case =O AWSOME DEAL!

Dolly Cool Clare said...

I love the gingham skirt - you got great finds as usual ♥
Me & M are off to the first 'boot of the year this sunday - cant wait!

La Dama said...

So many bargains, lobe the gingham skirt and shorts, u are so tiny amor.
Lamp with parrot is adorable.
I would of fought u for tha vase,red vanity case, now thats a deal in half.
You always find color cornated goodies.

Annalisa Babysan Laterza said...

Wow!!! Really bargains!
In Italy doesn't do business like this

Baci from Babysan

Barons Court said...

Hi glamorous Litttle Rascal, we're doing a stage play opening on 6th May in the Baron's Court Theatre London. We need a red vanity vcase in case you or anyone can help us, for a two week run.

Best wishes