Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Yesterday was the second day of Passover so we took the
day off from work and gym and cooking.
I was in a rather bad mood, a bit overtired and achy and
not really up for anything so my man decided to take me
out on a little vintage scout to cheer me up and "celebrate"
52 months together. Yes, he's that kind of guy. :)

This is what I got...
Click on images for larger view.

Brand new and unused Iron Fist heels, £3.50.
A gift from my man.
These babies retails for around £60 usually so it was one
heck of a bargain.

1950's mule wedges, £3.
Love these! I have a necklace I bought in Prague two years
ago that will match these perfectly.

And they were from Harrods! :D

Vintage glass jar, 75 pence.
Gift from my man.
I'm gonna store cute sweets from Prague in this.

Hawaiian records, 99 pence & 49 pence.
Gift from my man.
I collect old Hawaiian stuff, these are gonna be framed and
in the lounge.

Vintage skirt with Venice print, £2.

Vintage skirt with Mexican print, £2.


La Dama said...

your man is such a sweetie,ooooh I love the mexican skirts and score on the iron fist shoes.

vintage_kitten said...

Lol.following dora again.She can't go all the beautiful things you found.those wedgies are so cute.Love the colors they will match lots of things.You have a great eye for finding such cool stuff.

Dolly Cool Clare said...

Love those skirts! They go for a bomb on Etsy/Ebay so great find :))

Vintage Coconut said...

Omg!! REALLY nice stuff for awsome prices.
Those are such cute shoes and I LOVE THOSE skirts. I would dance to the Hawaiian songs in those skirts. lol