Sunday, 3 April 2011


Yesterday my man told me we're going for a road trip
and maybe some vintage scouting. Oh goodie!
Unfortunately he never told me where we were going
(I thought we'd go to the usual places) so I didn't bring
my camera. :(
This time we went to my very favorite area in London,
Muswell Hill.
If you're ever in London, make sure you go to Muswell
Hill and look at all the beautiful houses.
It's so beautiful and I wish every suburb around here
were as stunning as that place is.
Next time we go I will bring my camera and do a proper
visual guide post.

We walked around slowly in the sunshine, holding hands,
looking at the amazing window displays in delicatessen
shops and we saw a Challah shaped as a crocodile in one
of the bakeries. :D
And of course we had a rummage in all charity shops in
the area.

This is what I got...
Click images for larger view.

1960's beaded dress, £5.
This darling is gonna go through a major revamp when
I got some time to do it. My plan is to remove the sleeves
and make a top and a pencil skirt out of it.

Close up on the beading.
I think I've must been quite lucky, it's hard nowadays to get
your hands on beaded dresses that cheap.

1960's flower pot, 75 pence.
For the bedroom window with all the other granny pots.

Today we were up early and decided after a proper cup of
coffee that we should go to a car boot sale.
I got a few things for the shop but these things I'm keeping

Big vintage picnic case, 30 pence.

Glittery green clutch bag, 50 pence.

Vintage glittery green earrings, 20 pence.

Looks like I'm in a glittery green mood at the moment...


La Dama said...

I never been to Muswell hill,sounds a lovely place.
that flower pot looks like a cake stand.
I love picnic cases, you been finding lots of glittery green goodies,those earring are gorgeous.

La Dama said...

oh forgot,cant wait to see what you to that beaded dress.

Malayka said...

Cute finds

Dolly Cool Clare said...

♥ all the green sparkly things - will all look great with your dark hair :)